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South Dakota Responsible Serving® Course Approval

South Dakota course approval - 1306126800southdakota.pngThis Rserving® South Dakota Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Course has been approved by the SD Department of Revenue for servers and bartenders to learn the basics of responsible alcohol service and get their South Dakota alcohol server / seller certification. This South Dakota online server / seller training course teaches you how to prevent drunk driving and underage drinking. In the event of a violations, reduced penalties will be assessed if the bartender or server in question is certified prior to the violation.

Includes SD sales tax.

Employers receive discount pricing.

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Receive your official PSCC Rserving Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Wallet Card for SD Responsible Serving® of Alcohol in the mail!

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After you complete the course, you are able to generate your printable certificate for SD Responsible Serving® of Alcohol immediately.
You will automatically receive your PSCC Rserving bartender's license / wallet card for SD in the mail within 15 days if you are in a state where wallet cards are issued.

South Dakota Responsible Serving® course, Print your certificate when you complete the course or we can send you one in the mail.  The course is full of text, audio, video, images, flashcards, quizzes, and a final exam which provides certification.  The SD Responsible Serving® Course is approved by The South Dakota Dept. of Revenue and Regulation for SD alcohol seller/server training.  This certification can make you eligible for reduced penalties for server infractions or save your employer money on liquor liability insurance discounts by having all their servers certified.

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